Create your own hilarious Barely Balanced show!

The stage is set! You and up to 3 friends rush to perform daring tricks to see who can score the most points. 

The Barely Balanced card game is completely original and great for parties! It's all about stacking stunts and

cracking jokes until your friends blow a hole in their pants.

*spare pants sold separately  

Fun for all ages 

2-4 players

Multiple decks can be combined for larger groups!

Game Design by the incredible

Max Holliday from Ginger Ale Games

$12 + Shipping

Well now you can!

Join us for The Dead Gulch, a story driven pathfinder mystery.

Lord Resly has disappeared just as the strange and spectacular Todaren Family Circus arrives. Look for clues to explain Lord Resly's disappearance. Will you seek out Medium, the circus's rambunctious ringmaster? Or perhaps Large, the shows strongman with a secret past. If you're especially brave and tactful you might even get an audience with the contortionist, Small.

Discover the intrigue plaguing the town of Ferryport. Explore the cemetery during the unnatural storms that have been increasing in severity and continue to forge your own legacy within the chronicles of Uteria!

The adventure is nonlinear; players can choose their own path, discovering locales and clues as they follow their own investigations and intuitions. The game plays best with Pathfinder or D&D 3.5, however a 5.0 add on conversion will soon be freely available to those who purchase.

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Book II

The Adventure Begins

​​​​Look I'm not saying this is the greatest book ever...
maybe the second or the third.

  I mean there's adventure, comedy, romance, a misunderstood dragon,  elves that would be on the naughty list, a bro-unicorn, post modern dwarves, oh and best of all, me. Lots of me!

Okay me, you convinced me. 
This is the greatest book ever.
Still could use more me, though...

Witness the ridiculous origins of Barely Balanced through the eyes of Medium! Can Small and Large help him on an epic quest to the world of the Fae? Dive into a wild story, packed with fantastic artwork, and hilarious activity pages, including a maze through Medium's chest hair!

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Volume V

The ACROBATTLE begins!

Join the Barely Balanced team as they set aside their friendship and fight each other in an acrobatic battle royale for the majestic golden club.

Who will win? 

Also, see their embarrassing audition tapes, the funniest backstage bloopers, Barely Balanced style jousting, the ultimate obstacle course and even a Bollywood dance number.

Be prepared for a silly ride!

Collect yours today! 

$15  + Shipping 

Graphic Novels!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to play D&D with Barely Balanced?

Book I

Festival of Nightmares

​“Where are we?” Small chewed her bottom lip. “I think... the dream catcher imploded.”

“We're inside my nightmare.” Large spun around. “This is crazy. We were just in the tour bus.”

"Crazy or not, we've got to survive..."

Barely Balanced faces their funniest challenge yet!

Your favorite troupe of acrobatic friends find themselves forced into the hilarious and deadly Festival of Nightmares. Now they must find the courage to escape, or become trapped forever in a world of grotesque and comical horror! 

$12 + Shipping

DVD's, Comedy Sketches, and Bloopers!

Volume IV

Fire, fire and more FIRE!

The fourth DVD in our collection is burning to get into your hands.  

In addition to our award-winning Fire Show Extravaganza you also get our best bonus features.

Enjoy tons of ridiculous bloopers, see the stunts through our eyes, take a sneak peek into behind-the-scenes action, enjoy tons of hilarious comedy skits, fantasy adventure and epic battles!

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$15 + Shipping

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Barely Balanced

Volume VI

The Wet and Wild Show!

Barely Balanced presents a hilarious voyage into their wet and wild world! Your whole family will get swept away by the sidesplitting antics of the exciting acrobats you love. Watch as the trio battles slips, spills and ridiculous distractions as they contort themselves through one absurd stunt after another!

Also, laugh with the team during an hour of extra features! Discover the secret Barely Balanced workout. Get to know the group and their silliest stories in one-on-one interviews. Go behind the scenes with comedy skits, bloopers, backstage shenanigans and more!  

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​​Special Offer!
Both DVD's volume IV & V Only $25


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​​Book III

Friendship is Forged

"Things are getting dangerous for me and my crazy friends... The Assisting Avengers, Dashing Defenders, Super Savers...

Okay, I'll come back to that. Look, this whole writing things isn't my bag. They pay me to look good and fight bad guys and that is what this book is full of!

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to get back to sweeping ladies off their feet and using those feet to kick bad guys in the throat."

In this thrilling sequel to The Adventure Begins you get to join our heroes on their epic quest to the world of the Fae. 
Can they learn to work as a team in time to save the day?
Find out by ordering your copy now!

Was $12 + Shipping